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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cider Sunday in the Garden With Cider Expert Jeff Russel from Rowan Imports | September 21st 2014. 12:30 pm to 5pm

Cider Sunday in the Garden With Cider Expert Jeff Russel from Rowan Imports

When: Sunday, September 21st 2014.  12:30 pm to 5pm

Where: Aroma Thyme Bistro, 165 Canal St, Ellenville NY

Details: Ok this cider event is one not to miss.  Join Cider Expert Jeff Russel from Rowan Imports (all they do is cider) for a education, walk around tasting and small bites. What a great day to spend a Sunday outside in the Hudson Valley.  Experience very unique, traditional and non-traditional ciders from all over, including some local ones. Cider is like wine, regions, apple varietal and the cider makers personal touch all influence the cider.  Experience all that and more at this event. This event is $19.99 and includes small bites and ciders.

Ciderie Nicol Rhuys – Keeved cider with secondary done in tank as opposed to in bottle. Slight earthy notes upfront, a lot of caramel, toffee on the palate

Freyeisen-  Small producer from Germany. Hay, red berries on the nose. Tart apple, strawberry on the palate. Force carbonated to 2.8 bars of pressure (just under 3 that would make us pay the champagne tax!)

Weidman & Groh Speierling – From 10 miles outside of Frankfurt. Originally a brandy producer. Speierling is a member of Sorbus Domestica ( looks like a cross between an apple and a pear.) Now only grown in Germany, the last tree was cut down in the south of England over 100 years ago.
     The fruit is blended with traditional cider apples to add tannic structure. Golden Fruit/ Golden Raisin, honey, baked apple on the palate. Great acidity.

Slyboro Hidden Star – Slyboro’s entry level. A blend of northern spy and liberty apples, from the oldest U-Pick orchard in NYS. A hint of residual sugar (35 g/liter) with a great acidity, and medium body.
  A little parmesan on the nose, red fruit on the palate.

Manoir de Kinkiz Cournaille  - From the AOP Cournaille in Brittany. Traditional keeved style. Brisket, peat smoke on the palate. A hint of residual sugar. Full bodied, great fall cider

Plus a couple of other ciders. 

About Rowan Imports:
Rowan Imports is NYS first cider specific importer. Starting with only a handful of Asturian Sidra, their book now includes over 50 ciders from around the world. The focus still remains on small terroir driven producers, making ciders through traditional methods specific to their home region.

    Jeff is one of Rowan Imports first employees. He was tempted away from the wine/restaurant world by Rowan, and the dream of bringing true cider to the masses.

About Aroma Thyme:
About Aroma Thyme www.AromaThymeBistro.com
Aroma Thyme bistro opened in 2003 in Ellenville, NY, where the Catskills meet the Hudson Valley. Being green minded since day one, Aroma Thyme was the first Certified Green Restaurant© in upstate New York. Aroma Thyme has one of the best stocked bars with 250 craft beers, 250 fine wines & 250 boutique spirits.  The restaurant is all about supporting local, but beyond that they pride themselves in small independent brands from all over the globe.  This purchasing philosophy encompasses bar and kitchen alike.  “We want to help a family pay for dance lessons for their daughter rather than a CEO's third vacation home”, says owners Jamie & Marcus Guiliano.  Marcus Guiliano is an award winning chef who was named “One of the Five Top Food Activists Making a Change” from One Green Planet. This award, along with many others, is evident from the gourmet sustainable socially responsible cuisine Aroma Thyme serves. The restaurant has also been flooded with wards ranging from “Best New Restaurant”, “Best Organic Restaurant”, “Best Beer Events”, Wine Spectator “Award Winning Wine List” and Trip Advisors number one restaurant in their area. Aroma Thyme pleases carnivores and vegans alike.  There is plenty of options for every diet and taste.  Chef Marcus has several a great blogs that are a must to check out, ChefonaMission.com (his main one), NoFarmedSalmon.com (you will never eat farmed salmon again) and his award-winning business blog at 50Mistakes.com. Reservations are always accepted at (845) 647-3000.    

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