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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let Do Something About Our Contaminated Farmed Salmon

Photo credit: Jeremy Keith

Americans, it's time to ask the FDA about unapproved chemicals in your salmon!

The FDA is in the hot seat again. And once more, it's about unapproved chemicals in the farmed salmon being sold in the US.

A few months ago, Pew Environment Group called out the FDA for allowing Chilean farmed salmon to be imported and sold, even though it had been treated with chemicals that have not been approved for use in the US and, in some cases, contained residues of the pesticide. But it seems the agency continues to turn a blind eye to the rest of the farmed salmon imports that are treated with the same chemicals-even though the FDA itself has said these chemicals cannot be used on fish destined for US consumption!

Numerous drugs and chemicals are routinely used in net-cage salmon farm operations. For example, emamectin benzoate, more commonly known as SLICE™, is used to control sea lice and is used in much of the farmed salmon sold in the US. It's mixed with feed and fed directly to the fish, yet it's nasty stuff that is a known toxin that can affect fish, birds, mammals and aquatic invertebrates.

The FDA was alerted to the situation months ago but to the best of our knowledge has failed to take any substantive action. Americans who care about your own health and the health of the oceans can encourage the FDA to act - it is your health they're mandated to protect.

You can send an email or write a letter to let the FDA know how you feel about unapproved drugs in farmed salmon. Click here for the contact info and a template you can customize (you'll be redirected to CAAR's site).

Thanks for your efforts!


As most of you know Aroma Thyme Bistro only serves wild Alaskan Salmon. Alaskan Salmon is the most monitored population in the world. And Alaska has the some of the worlds cleanest waters.

Check out Monterey Bay Seafood Watch for a full listing of sustainable seafood. Here is a great link for Alaskan Seafood.

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