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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eco-Friendly Beer

Eco-Friendly Breweries

Sierra Nevada to Turn Beer Waste Into Ethanol With the Efuel100 Micro Fuele
Sourced from Trendsetter Magazine

Last May, we wrote about the E-Fuel’s innovative Efuel100 Micro Fueler, which turns alcohol into ethanol. Southern California brewery Sierra Nevada has announced a partnership with E-Fuel to turn their beer waste into ethanol using the Efuel100 Micro Fueler.

The ethanol will primarily be used to power the on-site vehicles at Sierra Nevada, but it’s possible that the ethanol would be made available for employees or the general public.

Sierra Nevada has already done quite a bit for the environment. According to Tree Hugger, Sierra Nevada sells 1.6 million gallons of beer waste to farmers annually to use as dairy feed.

Aroma Thyme's Comments:
Pretty cool stuff from a brewery. It makes you want to drink their beer, and they have great beer. We have a have had several on our list over the years. And we will have more in the future.

Marcus Guiliano
The Guru of Healthy Foods
Aroma Thyme Bistro
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