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Friday, March 14, 2008

Drinks made with artificial sweeteners get you drunker

We found this interesting article in Bevinco Booz Nooz, Volume 11, Issue 3

An Australian study suggests that alcohol is more potent when mixed with artificial

The Royal Adelaide Hospital tested eight men after they had consumed vodka mixed with a sugar-based sweetener containing 478 calories and again after the same drink prepared with a diet mixer containing 225 calories.

The results showed a higher blood alcohol level with the diet drink than with the regular drink. The blood alcohol concentration was also higher with the artificial sweetener than with the sugar-sweetened drink.

The Australian investigators attributed the effect to the fact that artificial sweeteners cause the stomach to empty 37% more quickly than drinks containing sugar.

There could also be legal implications for those driving home, as well, the study noted. BN

Our Comments:
If you have eaten at Aroma Thyme then you know we don't like artificial sweeteners. They just aren't naturally good for you. A good read is "Sweet Deception". They are just bad for you. But many people will order a Rum & Diet Coke and so on. So what is the answer?

Well we think we have an answer. Diet Steaz, a stevia based diet cola.

Stevia is an herbal sweetener from South American. Yes it is all natural. Just picked, dried and crushed. It is very sweet and should be used sparingly. The best part is that has been proven to control your blood sugar and it has no calories. This is a home run for health and a nail in coffin for the artificial sweetener business. But the pink packet people did a good job keeping this natural herb away from the American public.

Now stevia is available everywhere.

So enjoy a rum and diet steaz, stay sober and avoid the harmful chemical in that ordinary diet cola.

Marcus Guiliano

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