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Monday, August 19, 2013

Eminence Road Winery Dinner | Friday September 27th, 2013, 8 pm

What: Eminence Road Winery Dinner

When: Friday September 27th, 2013

Where: Aroma Thyme Bistro, 165 Canal St, Ellenville NY

Details: Four course paired  wine dinner, $45 per person.  RSVP (845) 647-3000.

Pinot Noir
Local Tomatoes Three Ways
Fresh Organic Vermont Pasta Co Fettucine

Cabernet Franc
Duck & Shiitake Mushroom Tostada, Goat Cheese
Pickled Red Cabbage

Cuvee Acidallia (Merlot Blend)
Chatham Sheepherding Camebert Cheese, Roasted Pear & Walnuts
Cranberry Compote

Dry Reisling
Roasted Plum Cake, Ginger Ice Cream

About Eminence Road Winery:
Eminence Road Farm Winery is located in Long Eddy, New York in a mountain valley at the southern edge of Delaware County. The winery is housed in a hillside cow barn and is operated by Jennifer Clark, Andrew Scott, and Lester, from Hankins.

At Eminence Road we source fruit from four growers in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. All wines are single vineyard lots and labelled as such except in cases where the vineyard name is proprietary. We work with the same growers each year, often taking fruit from the same rows every season. Grapes are harvested directly into our picking boxes and driven to the barn in Acidalia where all processing, fermentation, élevage and bottling takes place. Riesling and chardonnay are pressed at the vineyard and transported as unsettled juice.

At the winery red grapes are hand sorted and crushed by foot into one-ton fermentors without being destemmed. We add a small dose (20 parts per million) of potassium metabisulfite at this point. Our feeling is it leads to healthier malo-lactic fermentation later on down the road but we might abandon this practice in the future. Who knows? After being crushed the must is allowed to ferment naturally with manual punch downs once a day. No yeast, yeast nutrient, enzymes, sugars, acids or additives of any kind beyond the aforementioned sulfite are used. Macerations are short, about nine days for pinot, 14 for the cabernets. Musts are bucketed into a tiny, half ton bladder press for gentle, wet pressing. Settled juice is pumped into old French oak barrels to finish fermentation. We do not rack and top up religiously. After one year, if fermentation has finished, the wine is moved to tank, given another 15 ppm of sulfite and bottled by hand without fining of filtration using a gravity powered 4-spout filler and a hand corker. It takes forever. White wines are made essentially the same way except the élevage takes place in stainless steel and only the gewürztraminer receives a brief maceration. Because our Catskill cellar is very cold and we never rack our barrels or filter, the wines sometimes have a bit of dissolved carbon dioxide and are often cloudy and full of sediment. We suggest serving wine at just below cool room temperature (60-65ºF), reds and whites both, decanting is also recommended. For best results drink wine outside with good food and someone you love.

Thanks for your interest in our winery,

Andrew, Jennifer and Lester

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