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Friday, August 2, 2013

Dogfish Ancient Ales Beer Dinner | Friday September 13th, 2013 8 pm

What: Dogfish Ancient Ales Beer Dinner

When: Friday September 13th, 2013 7 pm -10 pm

Where: Aroma Thyme Bistro, 165 Canal St Ellenville NY

Details: Five course paired beer dinner.  $75 per person, RSVP (845) 647-3000


Midas Touch
Cantaloupe Salad, Micro Arugula 
Champagne Saffron Vinaigrette

Chateau Jiahu
Orange Glazed Shrimp
Grilled Corn & Roasted Red Pepper Salad
Cilantro Vinaigrette

Birra Etrusca Bronze
Slow Braised Beef, Mushrooms, Sun Gold Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

Carrot & Coconut Braised Chicken
Grilled Summer Vegetagbles

Gingerbread Tea Cake
Sour Cherry Compote

About Dogfish Ancient Ales:

You might not know it, but medieval Germans nearly ruined beer forever.
In 1516, a purity law called the Reinheitsgebot mandated that beer be made with only water, hops and barley. (The role of yeast hadn't yet been discovered.) Thanks to that bit of brewing censorship and the bastardized recipes of modern brewing conglomerates, beer drinkers have been subjected to bland lager for a long, long time.
In 1995, Dogfish Head broke the shackles and started brewing extreme, exotic, extraordinary beers, and we've been thumbing our noses at the Reinheitsgebot ever since. We experimented with whatever ingredients we found in our brewpub pantry, things like chicory, licorice root, maple syrup, honey, pumpkin, raisins and brown sugar. People called us freaks, but we loved those full-flavored beers and so did our customers, so we stuck to our guns.
Turns out, we were the ones making traditional beers.
In 1999, Dogfish Head started working closely with Dr. Patrick McGovern, one of the world's leading experts in ancient beverages. He helped us uncover the traditions of ancient brewers. Like us, those ancient brewers made the most of the ingredients they had on hand, and their beers were as colorful and creative as their cultures.

About Aroma Thyme: www.WhereBeerDrinkersGo.com
Aroma Thyme has been the leader of the craft beer restaurants in the Hudson Valley. Aroma Thyme opened in 2003 with a firm dedication to true craft beer. “Since day one I have gone out of my way for great independent owned craft beer”, says Chef/Owner Marcus Guiliano.  The beer list has grown to over 250 beers without the big brands that fill most restaurants lists. But it’s not only beer at Aroma Thyme, it’s all about having one of the best stocked bars with independent producers. The Bistro has an award-winning wine list from Wine Spectator Magazine. Aroma Thyme is Three Star certified green by The Green Restaurant Association. 

Chef Guiliano has been an advocate for over 13 years on healthy, sustainable, local & real food. Zagat says “Stealth Health”. He found his mission in cooking when he reversed a handful of medical conditions including 28 years of asthma. For more information visit www.chefonamission.com. www.aromathymebistro.com.

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