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Monday, December 10, 2012

You DON'T need a commercial blender at home - The Best Blender

You DON'T need a commercial blender at home

I love my commercial Vita-Mix Blender at Aroma Thyme. 
I am convinced that it is the best blender.
I have had it for 10 years, yes 10 years and we abuse it.
We use this blender at least 10 times a day.
Yes, we have used this Vita-Mix blender around 35,000 times and its still going super strong. 
We make soups, bean dip, salad dressings, sauces, smoothies, grind grains into flour etc....
It is an awesome versatile machine.

But you don't need that machine at home, and here is why.
Vita-mix makes two levels of machines, a home version and a commercial one.  There is no real difference in performance.  It's the same motor, same blender just a different color.

Here is the main reason you don't want the commercial version.  The home version has a way better warranty.  See Vita-Mix knows that us chefs use  abuse these blenders.  We throw them, drop them, use them for extended amounts of time.  So Vita-Mix gives us chefs a fraction of the warranty.  
To sum it up:
The home version is the same horsepower as the commercial.
The home version has a way better warranty.

I am 100% convinced that this blender is the best one on the market in that price range.  
Before you say that this blender is too expensive just keep reading.  I know I have gotten my money out of mine. 
In fact, at the current rate it has cost me one cent each time I have used it.  That is an extreme bargain. My home blender, another brand, was a fraction of the cost.  But it has cost me way more per use.  I am on my second blender at home.  I have ordered lots and lots of replacement parts.  And now they don't even make the replacement parts or the blender anymore.  Guess what I am treating my self to this holiday season, a new Vita-Mix blender for the house.

Check out these incredible blenders on the Vita-mix website.

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