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Monday, December 10, 2012

Shop Local Booze Too! New York Wine, Beer & Spirits Have Exploded on The Market

It's shocking to see how packed the liquor delivery trucks are leading up to the holidays and New Years.  It's the busiest time of the year for wine, beer and spirits. As you know "shop local" is a huge movement.   So this is just a reminder to support local booze too. There are a ton and I mean a ton of awesome local wines, beers and spirits.  
When we opened 10 years there was a fraction of a fraction of what's available now. Keegan Ales opened the same year as us and Tuthilltown Spirits was not open yet. Now we have vodka from five surrounding counties. Breweries are all over and more are scheduled to open. We even have Aaron Burr Cider that is less than 15 miles from us. They do a super awesome wild apple hard cider. The Shawangunk Wine Trail is more popular than ever. All of these small independent producers add money to our local and state economy.

All in all New York State is a force in the boutique booze world. Go and enjoy New York.
just a few links to some awesome local producers

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