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Monday, November 5, 2012

Who Are We Voting For

Who are we voting for?

This can be a tough question for lots of people.  You either post all over facebook,  put signs on your yard who you support in election or you keep it top  secret.  Well we have been asked many times who we are voting for.

He is our official answer.

We vote everyday when we pull out our wallets personally and at Aroma Thyme.

We don’t support:
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Sycso foodservice, the largest food distributor in the US
Conagra Foods
Tyson Foods
Diageo, a massive spirit, wine and beer conglomerate that is a member of ALEC
Bank of America
Brown-Froman, a wine conglomerate
JR Simplot, a very large food processor

Here is who and what we do vote for everyday at Aroma Thyme:
Independently owned companies, local and abroad
Small farms
Non-GMO project
Green restaurant practices
Giving back to the community
Educating about food
Real food
American made products
Fair Trade food
Fair Labor products

Although we are not perfect, we are very conscious of where we put the money you patronize us with.  Your dollar at Aroma Thyme is taken very seriously.  We value your dollar and want it to go the right people.  People who deserve it and work hard for it.  Not a conglomerate that out for pure profits. In fact we have been told by many of you that we are the most conscious restaurant owners out there.

As a general rule we do all we can to avoid the companies on the ALECexposed.org website.

And that is who we vote for everyday.

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