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Monday, March 7, 2011

Why Are We Spending $$$ When Business is Down

subject: Why are we spending $$$ when business is down

So we are hearing from everyone how terrible business is.  And it's not just other restaurants.  It seems to be any business.  We have even felt a downturn in sales this year.

So what do we do, we go out and buy a boat load of wine.  The shipments keep coming in.  Every time we turn around 5 cases here 5 cases there.  We ordered so much we have even forgot what we ordered at times.

You are probably asking why we are ordering so much wine when business is down.  Remember we said business is down everywhere.  Well our wine vendors are really feeling the crunch too.  They can't sell as much wine as they want in the current economy.  It's a buyers market, or should we say a drinkers market.  The deals are incredible. So we decided to stock up here at Aroma Thyme Bistro.

Here is the good news, we are passing the saving on to you guys.  We can reduce the price of some of our selections by an average of $10 a bottle.  That is around a 33% reduction and more on certain wines. For example, we just got a delivery of a Shiraz that would have been $55 on our list that is a cool $32.  But keep reading it gets even better.  We are talking wines as low as $15 on our list!!!

With these kind of values out there we are tasting over 30 wines a week in order to be very selective.  Quality always comes first with us.

To even make this a better deal we are offering a Sunday to Tuesday reduced pricing.  We have made a value wine list with wines under $39 that are even further reduced. Here is how it goes.  For the month of March we are taking $9 off these bottles on Sunday, $12 on Monday and $15 on Tuesday.

We decided to make this offer valid even on wines that we paid full wholesale for.  We just figured it would be easier.  So 95% of our current wines under $39 are part of this Spring Clearance sale.

We are hoping the wine vendors keep these specials around so we can keep the prices at an all time low here.  So of course, this is first come first serve as of now.

Here is link to our current wine list: http://et.ratepoint.com/0649ae7ca828498a96fbe52e6a8c95aa/7291468e93f4b904b388a039de6f9ba8?/

Here is a link to Spring Clearance wine sale: http://et.ratepoint.com/146fec393d42fa577cf2697640d39e7c/7291468e93f4b904b388a039de6f9ba8

Don't forget our great offer tonight:http://et.ratepoint.com/38a8e6ffa16babf09814f4eaa8d98c64/7291468e93f4b904b388a039de6f9ba8

Hope everyone is ready for Spring...we are!!!
Jamie & Marcus

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