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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Austalis Barramundi, Australian Sea Bass at Aroma Thyme Bistro

At Aroma Thyme Bistro we feature Australis Barramundi. This beauty is considered local. The folks at Australis Aquaculture do a great job raising sustainable fish in Western Massachusetts. Here is a bit of info on their company. Keep in mind we just offer the farm raised Barramundi.

At Australis, We Do Fish – Better!

Australis Aquaculture, LLC is an award-winning provider of delicious, healthy, sustainable seafood marketed under the banner of The Better Fish® - Better Tasting, Better For You, Better For Our Environment. Our company spearheaded the introduction of Barramundi in North America and has proudly seen it grow from a favorite in Australia into an international culinary trend.

Starting with our revolutionary, indoor aquaculture system in Massachusetts, Australis’ innovative farming practices address all of the major environmental challenges facing fish farming. Such innovations are helping the aquaculture industry reach its potential as a sustainable alternative to diminishing wild fisheries, and have propelled Australis to become a recognized leader in the sustainable aquaculture movement.

From conserving water and using sustainable feeds, to recycling fish manure for local farmers to use as fertilizer, Australis is committed to advancing the cause of sustainability while protecting our oceans and the natural environment.

Expanding While Staying True to Our Values

As Barramundi’s popularity grows, Australis has committed to expand supplies by sustainably producing Barramundi in Southeast Asia. Working closely with local farmers while also establishing our own operations, we bring the same commitment to quality to all of our operations. We have also introduced two delightful new products, Authentic Basa and Swai, which are sure to explode in popularity in North America as they have done across Europe.

While our reach continues to expand, our goal remains the same - to provide the cleanest and most delicious seafood cultivated through an approach that is healthy, responsible, and environmentally sound.


At Australis, we’re committed to bringing you delicious, safe, healthy, and abundant seafood.

Our fresh barramundi is sustainably raised in our revolutionary indoor system in Massachusetts and recognized by leading chefs and environmental groups for quality and sustainability. Our frozen barramundi is both line caught by local fisherman and sustainably raised in barramundi’s native habitat of Southeast Asia. Our authentic basa and swai are sustainably raised and eat a largely vegetarian diet which helps take pressure off wild fisheries. Whether farmed or wild-caught, we rigorously test all of our products to ensure they are free of antibiotics, hormones, mercury and other contaminants.

You can learn more about our products in these pages. Check out our Spotlight section to read about the top chefs who are using our fish. Or read the Barramundi Fun Facts for more information about this facinating fish.

If you’re a consumer looking to try Australis products, click on Where To Find to see if there’s a restaurant or retail outlet near you. If you’re a seafood distributor, retailer or chef wanting to learn more, you can find lots of information in our Trade section.

We are always striving to find new ways of bringing you unique, delicious and sustainable species under the Australis Better Fish™ brand. Here’s to good food and good health!

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