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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aroma Thyme Bistro-Certified Green Restaurant

Aroma Thyme Bistro

165 Canal Street, Ellenville, NY 12428
(845) 647-3000

Press Release-For Immediate Distribution

Press Contact: Jamie Guiliano (845) 647-3000

Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville, New York has just snagged a coveted Green Certification from the Green Restaurant Association™.

Marcus and his fine staff continue to lead by example as they continue their efforts at being the Green Place to dine in the Hudson Valley.

Ellenville, New York-July 29, 2008- Aroma Thyme Bistro has just received their Green Certification after completing a rigorous Green Restaurant Association™ certification program. This is quite the accomplishment for a small Bistro in the Hudson Valley, and again shows the effort that Chef Marcus Guiliano and his staff put into being leaders in the restaurant industry, leaders in the growing green movement sweeping across America’s food and beverage industry.

The Green Restaurant Association assessed Aroma Thyme Bistro’s sustainable practices and then created a tailored plan to guide them through the steps to become a Green Certified Restaurant™.

As a part of the initial certification process Aroma Thyme took the necessary steps to reduce their environmental footprint and increase their sustainable practices.

Marcus and Jamie Guiliano feel the restaurant community here in New York, and around the world has a call to action, needs to show strong leadership in being environmentally responsible citizens of the business community. Marcus stated, “Being good environmental stewards is essential for our industry, and we are proud of our green certification un the Green Restaurant Association’s program. Our entire staff supports our green efforts, and we are confident our participation in the program will be a positive impact for Aroma Thyme, our community, and the restaurant industry as a whole.

Green Restaurant Association™

The Green Restaurant Association™ (GRA), a national non-profit organization, was founded in 1990 to help the restaurant industry achieve ecological sustainability. The GRA is endorsed by America's major environmental organizations and works with restaurants across the continent and as far as Ireland. Through its eleven environmental guidelines, the GRA provides environmental consulting, education, and certification to make it easy for individual operators, restaurant groups, and chains to improve their environmental practices in a profitable manner.

Aroma Thyme Bistro Has Taken The Following Steps to Contribute To a Greener Healthier Planet:

· We use compact fluorescent lighting.

· We use low flow water aerorators to reduce water which reduces our hot water usage (oil heat).

· We serve ultra charged and filtered tap water to reduce bottled water consumption.

· We proudly feature organic & green wines, beers & spirits.

· We feature local wine & beers to reduce the shipping footprint as part of our slow foods green business model.

· All bathroom paper products are made from post consumer products.

· All menus are printed on post consumer paper made in New York State.

· We reduced commercial laundry services last year by switching from table cloths to wood table tops.

· We use low water usage toilets, thus saving precious world water resources.

· We recycle all glass, plastic and food waste.

· We compost all vegetable scraps, and use the compost for growing of some of our organic vegetables.

· We have our own organic garden.

· We recycle all meat, chicken & fish scraps, giving them to local pet owners.

· Over 75% of the seafood served at Aroma Thyme is sustainable clean seafood.

· We serve local & seasonal produce & products whenever possible.

· We serve organic food as much as possible.

· We offer an extensive vegetarian selection on our menu.

· Our to go containers are made from compostable rice & bamboo materials.

· We use lots of green cleaning products.

· Aroma Thyme staff receives ongoing training on sustainable food and the environment.

· We hand out smart seafood choice guides to customers

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