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Monday, March 10, 2008

Excuse Me Bartender, What’s the Governor Drinking?

We all know the Elliot Spitzer’s story by now. He cracked down on Wall Street, all kinds of crime, he sent the liquor authority scrambling, and of course prostitution. He seemed like a no nonsense kind of guy. Well what happened? Did he think he was above the law, or too sneaky to get caught.

Some New York State bars are transforming their drink menus. This is the best way to poke fun at the governor and make money according to bar owners.

In New York City, SAPA, was serving up Client #9 and a Horny Hypocrite.

In Ellenville, Aroma Thyme Bistro took a shot of this as well. “We are working a sex scandal drink menu. Drinks with such names as 80K Cocktail, Governor’s Gal, The 5x5 105 Martini and The Ashley Spitzer”, explained owner Marcus Guiliano. “It gives people a good laugh or two”.

A bartending job may be in the ex-governor’s future. It is a great place to meet women, especially for a lot less money.

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