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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dont Ruin Your Scotch with Cheap Ice, Scotch with Scotchish Water Ice


You ordered a dram of a fine Highland Single Malt. Maybe it was the Balvenie 15 year old? Or perhaps you prefer the Glenlivet 18? Or you’re a Macallan drinker?
Or maybe you just love a great blend, like Johnny Walker Black, Green or Blue?

And now, like a great many people, you want a couple of ice-cubes in that
expensive Scotch Whisky, crackling as they melt, contributing a cold smoothness to float the flavors of malt and peat and Highland atmosphere as you savor each sip.

But did you ask for the chlorine that’s in those ice-cubes? Did you want that
harsh chemical tang that chlorine provides in so much safe municipal drinking water?

The folks that made your whisky took infinite pains to get everything right. From
the highland water, to the grain mash to the oak casks that they stored it in to give it the scent, the flavors that have made great Scotch whisky a world favorite. One thing you can bet your bottom dollar on is that they didn’t add any chlorine.

So why would you?
Well, you wouldn’t of course, but your municipal water treatment plant would, and anyone can taste the difference.
Which is why at Aroma Thyme Bistro, in the Hudson Valley of New York, we provide ice cubes made from Gleneagles Spring Water.

Gleneagles water starts out as rain falling on the hills surrounding the Glen of the Eagles, a valley that is world famous for its golf course. Those hills are the stumps of ancient mountains and their layers of basalt and old red sandstone filter the water over a period of about fifteen years before it reaches the deep reservoirs which the Highland Spring company taps for its bottling plant.
Now, Gleneagles is a light mineral water. It contains a small amount of dissolved minerals and salts from those ancient rocks, but it’s light enough to be regarded as spring water by water connoisseurs and regularly wins awards as such.
The mineral content is too slight to taste, and most important to us behind the bar at
Aroma Thyme, it has no chlorinated tang. Plus it comes from bonny Scotland, from the
same mountain glens as the whiskies we pour.

As for chlorine, well, we think it’s best for swimming pools. We understand the
history of drinking water and the need for safety. But drinking water is best when it’s
filtered-- with clean filters-- and not polluted with any chemicals.

And when it comes to the ice in a wee dram of single malt, we’ll take Gleneagles water, every time.

Marcus Guiliano

Aroma Thyme Bistro

Tel: 845 647 3000
Email: chefh@mac.com

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