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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wild Salmon

Greetings from Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville NY. Althought we are a long way from Alaska, the fiash are not. With so many different choices of wild Salmon we just cant keep up here.
The begining of July was a very special time for us. We aquired two shipments of Yukon River Salmon. this id the longest river in Alaska and these fish pack on extra fat for this long journey. The water if very cold and stretches 2300 miles, yes a bit longer than the Copper River (300 miles).

The season so far has yieled us some great Salmon from Sitka, Cook Inlet, Copper River, Kodiak, Resurection Bay and a few other places.

So join us for journey of Alaskan by the way of our Salmon. We will continue to follow the salmon openings from area to area.
Experience Coho, Sockeye and King Salmon flow overnight from the landing points.

Aroma Thyme Bistro
165 Canal St
Elelnville NY

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