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Monday, February 1, 2016

Pratello Wine Dinner| Friday February 26th 7pm

Pratello Wine Dinner

Four Courses paired with  Four Wines
$54 a person

Marcus and Jamie just visited Pratello Winery in November. And they are going to tell you all about their trip. The importer will be on hand to tell us more about the wine. For more inof visit http://www.aromathymebistro.com/pratello-wine-dinner.html


Chiaretto Rose
Fresh Mozzarella & Grilled Eggplant, White Balsamic Glaze

Roasted Butternut Squash Bruschetta, Arugula Salad

Slow Braised Boneless Short Ribs, Gorgonzola & Mushroom Risotto 

Macapone Cheesecake, Roasted Apples

About Pratello:
The Farm Pratello is located in the hills adjacent to the Garda Lake on the Brescia side. It covers an area of 140 hectares of which 66 hectares are vineyards. Because the area is very hilly part of the holding is reserved for natural forest and the remaining hectares are cultivated with great respect for the environment with cereals. The experience of Vincenzo Bertola and the tradition of Dante Bertola mixed together with the expertise of the agronomist Paolo Di Francesco, is creating great products from these areas.
Each area has been carefully studied by our agronomist Paolo Di Francesco. He has made a structural analysis of the soil, the sun exposure and the microclimate in order to determine what is the best grape to grow while respecting the compatibility with the biological system.
The soil is moraine which is a stony and very loose soil type with some clay, ideal for the cultivation of the vines but with a very low profit per hectare but with great quality.
The fabulous climate of the Garda Lake is working as a thermal accumulator creating a microclimate that is very important for the maturation of the grapes.
All red grapes are grown in a valley around 180 m. above sea level and the white grapes on a gentle hill facing south and around 250 m. above sea level.
Certification under organic farming (Mediterranean Institute of Certification) over the whole area of the company.

About Aroma Thyme:
Aroma Thyme has had a Wine Spectator Award-winning wine program since 2003.  It has been their mission to source independently produced wines from all over the world. 
“I love wine” says Chef/Owner Marcus Guiliano. “I taste every single wine that I buy.  I want to make sure I know what we are representing.  I am constantly learning something new in the world of wine. 

Chef Guiliano does not discriminate regions or varietals.  There is a strong focus on New York wines.  Everything from South Africa, France, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, California, Austria, Germany, Australia and South America have a presence.  All prices ranges are represented. 

Besides wine, Aroma Thyme has one of the best stocked bars period.  The craft beer menu spans over 250 independent craft beers from all over the world.  The list has many hard to find and aged verticals of beers. Plus there are over 300 independently produced spirits.  “The extensive bar selections shock everyone.  We take a lot of pride in hand picking our wines, beers and spirits,” exclaims Chef Guiliano. 

Aroma Thyme is Three Star Certified Green© by The Green Restaurant Association. 
Chef Guiliano has been an advocate for over 15 years on healthy, sustainable, local & real food. Zagat says “Stealth Health”. He found his mission in cooking when he reversed a handful of medical conditions including 28 years of asthma. For more information visit www.chefonamission.com. www.aromathymebistro.com.

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