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Monday, May 4, 2015

What tequila to drink for Cinco De Mayo!

What tequila to drink for Cinco De Mayo! 

We want to share a remarkable story of one of our favorite tequilas.  Carmen Villarreal is the only female owner of a tequila distillery. In fact, at one point she was the only female owner in Central and South America of any type of distillery.  But slowly times are changing and women are taking the reigns of distilleries.

She took over Casa San Matias soon after her husband's tragic death in 97. He was murdered during the agave wars of the 90's in Mexico. She didn't back down or sell, she took over and took charge.  Determined to keep his dreams alive, Carmen proceeded to create some of the most emblematic brands in the business like Carmessí, Rey Sol, and Pueblo Viejo.

What sets Carmen Villarreal apart?
Known as a fine humanitarian and crusader for equal rights for women, Ms. Villarreal has piloted Casa San Matías into the 21st Century as an ecologically and socially responsible company, as well as raising the bar in the production of quality tequilas.
Carmen employees mostly women in the workplace.  She even provides  daycare on premises.

We know you work hard for your money.  And we are honored that you trust us with your money at Aroma Thyme.  There are well over 1000 brands of tequila that come from only 140 distilleries. Most of these distilleries are factories that slap different labels on identical tequilas.  And most of the well know brands are made in factories owned by huge companies. Our goal is to pass your dollar to other smaller independent producers. That is why you won't find all the all big brands behind our bar.  It's more important to support real families and real companies in real communities. Besides I don't want my hard earned money going to pay for a CEO's third vacation home.

We are proud to stock two of her tequilas at Aroma Thyme, Pueblo Viejo 104 and Reposado. Ask for a taste next time you are in.

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