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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Perfect Gift | December 1st to December 31st 9am to 11pm

What:The Perfect Gift

When: December 1st to December 31st  9am to 11pm

We can mail them out today!
Call (845) 647-3000

Buying a gift can be difficult.  After all what do you get some that has everything we always here. Here are a few questions to ask.

Do you know:

anyone who loves craft beer-
we have over 250 craft beers on our menu

anyone that loves vegetarian and/or vegan food-
We offer a great selection of vegetarian food

anyone that loves Scotch-
we love Scotch too and it shows in our bar. Experience some rare hard to find gems!

anyone who loves to eat health conscious-
we go far beyond farm-to-table, we use healthier food than almost all restaurants

anyone who loves wine-
we have close to 300 wines from regions all over the world.
We hand pick our wines & pride ourselves in meeting the owner & wine-makers

anyone that loves to eat gluten-free-
we have specialized in gluten-free since 2003

anyone who wants to support a independent restaurant-
Not only are we independent, but we pride ourselves in buying independent as well

anyone who has already eaten at Aroma Thyme-
If they have eaten here before, chances are they would love to come back

anyone who loves Bourbons-
We have an awesome selection of rare hard to find Bourbons

anyone who loves seafood-
we serve the cleanest sustainable seafood

anyone who loves burgers-
we make our burgers from 100% Akaushi Beef, it's just the best!

anyone who loves gin-
our bar has local and imported gins of every style that will impress the biggest gin lovers

anyone who loves Jazz-
live Jazz every Thursday, no cover

anyone that loves lobster-
every Monday is Lobster night!

anyone that loves supporting local
lots of our food, wine, beer & spirits are local

anyone who loves to support the green movement-
Aroma Thyme Bistro was the first Certified GreenGreen Restaurant©  in the Hudson Valley

anyone who loves vodka-
our vodka selection is one of the best hands down, and all from small producers

anyone who loves feel good about the food they are eating
we pride ourselves in sourcing better food altogether, just better food, wine, beer, spirits etc.
we love sourcing from small independent producers who are supporting a family, not a large conglomerate that the CEO is making millions.  We don't like supporting publicly traded companies that are willing to sacrifice your health and the environment for shareholder profits

Why not buy the perfect gift for one of your loves this holiday season

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