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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chimay Trappist Beer & Sausage Tribute,October 8th to 18th

What: Chimay Trappist Beer & Sausage Tribute

When: October 8th to 18th

Where: Aroma Thyme Bistro, 165 Canal Street Ellenville NY 12428

Join us for Chimay and Sausage. We are offering Chimay Red, Blue and White paired with sausage courses.  You may have one beer and one dish or all three.  Each dish and beer is priced separately.  Menu to be posted.

Chimay Brewery is a beer brewery in Chimay, southern Hainaut, Belgium. The brewery is located in the Scourmont Abbey, a Trappist monastery, and is one of the seven breweries worldwide that produces Trappist beer. They make three widely distributed ales: Chimay Rouge, Chimay Bleue, and Chimay Blanche; and they make one patersbier exclusively for the monks. The monastery also makes four varieties of cheese. The water for the beers is drawn from a well located inside the monastery walls. The filtered solids from the beer mash are recycled into livestock feed which is given to the same cows that produce the milk for Chimay cheeses. As with all other Trappist breweries, the beer is sold only for financial support of the monastery and good causes. The brewery business pays rent for use of the property within the abbey, which is used to support the monastic community. The majority of the profit from the sale of the beer is distributed to charities and for community development around the region. As of 2007, sales figures for Chimay products exceeded $50 million per year. The beer is transported from the monastery to the bottling plant 12 km away, which can fill 40,000 bottles per hour, of which many are returns. The beer is then refermented in the bottle for three weeks before being shipped around the world. Fifty percent of Chimay beer production is sold on the export markets

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