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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New law bans harmful ingredients in fish, animal feed

January 21, 2010
The Financial Express
Parliament passed a bill Tuesday prohibiting use of antibiotic, growth hormone, steroid and harmful pesticides in animal and fish feeds, reports bdnews24.com.

The bill was passed in the wake of a self-imposed ban by the Bangladeshi Shrimp Exporters to the European Union (EU) due to a harmful anti-biotic agent.

Shrimp is one of the country's major export items. The new bill, if turned into law, will guarantee safer standards for fish and animal feeds that will ultimately contribute to people's health.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Abdul Latif Biswas proposed the bill, which parliament passed by voice vote, amid absence of the main opposition BNP and its allies. The House rejected some proposed amendments made by the only independent MP Fazlul Azim.

The minister tabled the bill on Oct 5 last year.

"On Monday, a team of the EU came to inquire what measures we took to check chemical presence in shrimp," Biswas said as he proposed the draft law.

According to the bill, the government will set quality standards of animal feed, which producers and traders must follow.

The bill says all businessmen involved in the production, import, marketing and sale of fish or animal feed will have to take licence either from the office of the director general of the department of fisheries or from the director general of the livestock department respectively.

Anyone violating the law or rules framed under this law would stand trial.

"We cannot maintain the safety standard of fish and animal feed due to absence of law on this," Biswas said while justifying the bill.

Aroma Thyme Comments:
The quality of shrimp is a huge concern of mine. whether a shrimp is wild caught or farm raised there is the possibility of health and habitat destruction. Farm raising shrimp is notorious for lots of added antibiotics, hormones and chemical preservatives. And farm raising shrimp is known to pollute the environment. But wild caught shrimp is not much better. Most wild caught shrimp have extreme by catch issues. The term by catch refers to the unwanted and undesirable catch associated with the primary catch. The primary catch would be shrimp. Most by catch is unusable and can outweigh the primary catch by seven from one and even more. So that means for every 1 pound of usable shrimp caught there can be at least 7 pounds of undesirable fish in the net. But this is just the beginning. Most commercially caught shrimp involve habitat destruction. The ocean floor is basically raked into a trawl net and then brought up to pick the shrimp out.

So what does a sharp lover do? This is a tough question especially if you are eating out at restaurants.

I can personally tell you what we do at Aroma Thyme. We purchase a shrimp called the Right Choice. The shrimp comes from Ecuador and his farm raised. But this farm uses no antibiotics or hormones in the farming process. Ecuador is a shirt country to begin with. And as the article states Bangladesh is now making steps in that direction. The shrimp that we purchase also touts the chemical free aspect in the packing process. A lot of the shrimp on the market are packed with five states and other preservatives. We are very proud to say the shrimp that we purchase has none of that.

But the bottom line is that and everything we eat has an environmental and health impact. So our goal at the restaurant is to bring you the best of both worlds. If you enjoy shrimp and we will try to deliver the cleanest and most eco-friendliness product out there. The same thing goes for salmon, beef, tomatoes and so on. Certain times of the year can be challenging with certain products. But do know that if we are shipping in from across the country or from across the globe that the product had to meet certain criteria.

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