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Thursday, November 12, 2009

NO CONFUSION Italian Wine Dinner & Class

$47 per person
Four Course Dinner & lots of wine!!!

As most of you know we had the privilege of visiting Italy in October. Friends of ours were getting married in Tuscany. So we decided to book an extra week and visit wineries. We had to have an Italian wine event at Aroma Thyme. Every winery we visited are wineries and that we currently do business with. Of course, we don't do direct business with them but we do buy these wines from a New York State wholesale company. We had a jam packed schedule and visited Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany and Abruzzo. Sounds a little confusing to some people. Even someone asked us why didn't you visit Chianti? I said we did, it is in Tuscany. They were really confused until I explained a bit more.

What is all of the confusion?
When talking Italian wine there can be lots of confusion. Between all the regions, sub regions, communes, inner districts and lots of different grape varietals the confusion mounts. And that is not to even mention the levels of gov't certifications that can apply to each region. So since we debunked the confusion firsthand we want to pass this simple knowledge on to you.

Our next wine dinner is going to be confusion free. We are going to cover the wineries that we personally visited. Of course we can't do them all in one seating. But do keep in mind all the wineries we visited are represented our wine list.

So why is this they are so different?
As we mentioned before this dinner is going to be confusion free. We have had lots of patrons say to us I'd love to drink wine but I don't know anything about it so coming to your wine dinner would make me feel uncomfortable. So we are to raise everyone's comfort level from the novice to the wine Pro, It's that simple. After this wine event/dinner you will be able to order Italian wine with confidence when you are dining out. And once again we can't cover all Italian wine, but you'll have a much better understanding, in fact, at some restaurants you'll look like a pro. This event is for everyone who enjoys wine.

Things you won't be confused on when it comes with Italian wine anymore
1. Learn certain regions of Italian wine.
2. Learn the different Italian government certifications.
3. Learn where the good values are.
4. Learn how to ask intelligent questions on wine
5. Know which wine you are serving for Thanksgiving

And do all of this in the leisure of one of our beautifully presented wine dinner and pairings.

We like to limit our wine dinners to the small back dining room and of course that means limited seats. It is usually kept to an intimate 20 seats. Of course, we hate saying no so it always squeeze a couple extra. But you must act right away to reserve your spot at this no confusion Italian wine dinner.

This NO CONFUSION Italian dinner class is priced at an incredible $47 per person. This is one of our best priced wine events of the year. That is another reason to RSVP right away. To RSVP call 845-647- 3000.

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