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Thursday, May 14, 2009

David Burke, and others, you forgot something!!!

So I just got back from Foxwoods Casino in Ct. The new MGM Grand was great. All the new restaurants are an awesome addition as well. In fact I had lunch at Prime from David Burke.

Now David Burke is a well known and very talented chef. In fact he has exploded recently with restaurants all over. I was amazed by his new aperation at Foxwoods. The dining room was magnificent. I wish I had a that kind of dining room. And the bar was very well stocked. In fact the wine tower was outragous. Yes a wine tower. I was trying to figure out how much the bar cost alone. My guess was more than I spent to open my restaurant.

So where do I think David Burke went wrong. Well I want to say that I am a fan of his and his restaurants. But here is where most great restaurants miss a puzzle piece. It is the beer list. Yes the beers at these fine dining restaurants do not match the rest of the quality. David Burke has assembled a beer list that you find in any old bar. The line-up is graced with Budweiser, Sam Adams and Shock Top (the Bud Lite beer with a clouding agent and orange extract). Any serious beer drinker would have a terrible experience here. But I am also a wine drinker so I have a backup here. But If I was craving a beer then I would be upset.

And I don't mean to single out David Burke because this happens at so many great restaurants. But I just mention his place since I was just there. And I do want to stress that he does so much right. So why do these well known chefs just forget about beer all together? Are these chefs not aware of the huge craft beer explosion in the US. By the way I am always available to consult!

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Joan Ross said...

It must be a huge waste of energy to keep wine at a proper temperature at that height. But then, it is at Foxwoods!

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