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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Organic Wine Dinner, April 24th 2009

Our April 24th wine dinner is themed after organic wines and wines and wines made from organic grapes.

We have always had an overwhelming demand for organic wines at Aroma Thyme. So seeing that Earth Day is an April we figured that our April wine dinner will feature organic wines.

For centuries wines were always made from organically farmed grapes. In fact many wines today are still made with organically farmed grapes. The difference is not many vineyards choose to get certified organic. They have always done organic and are smart enough not to use harmful chemicals. So many of us drink wines produced from organic grapes all the time.

This will be an great educational dinner. Marcus will explain the difference between organically produced wine versus using organic grapes. Marcus will also address the use of natural sulfites, no added sulfites and no detectable sulfites. If you thought reading French wine wine labels were confusing, then trying to decipher organic labels can be just as challenging.

How about biodynamic farming? Will we will cover that as well. A quick explanation of biodynamic farming is organic with a lot more love. But believe me it gets more involved than that.

We have chosen organic producers from the US and beyond for this dinner.

Badger Mountain Pure White
(Semillion, Savignon Blanc & Muller)

Gerwurztraminer, Resonance G3
Local Petite Greens & Honey Goat Cheese

Delaoch Chardonnay
Crab Cake, Mild Cajun Remoulade

Badger Mountain Cabernet
Truffle Raviolis

Kuyen Blend
Slow Braised Lamb Shanks, Tomatoes & Garlic

Infantado Port
Raspberry Mousse Pie

The price for this event is $59 per person.

For reservations call 647 -- 3000
We will have the menu posted as soon as possible.

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