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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guide to Hudson Valley Cheeses from Pampered Cow


Pampered Cow was born to help market, promote, and distribute New York State’s artisinal farmstead cheeses. Pampered Cow views the Hudson Valley Region of New York as one of the most significant and beautiful gastronomic destinations in the world and is dedicated to promoting the region’s rich agricultural history, working farms and value added farmstead producers.
We represent some of the finest cheese-makers in the region including;

Hawthorne Valley Farm, Ghent, New Yorkdairy photo
cows in field
Made by hand in our 300 gallon Swiss copper cheese vat, Hawthorne Valley Farm Aged Alpine is the only Demeter Certified Biodynamic farmstead cheese available on the market. Hawthorne Valley farm is one of only two farms in New York State licensed to sell bottle raw milk to the public from our market. Taste un-adulterated fresh raw milk from grass fed cows in this rinded mountain style cheese. Alpine is also available with organic caraway seeds.

Wheel Size: Approx. 10lbs.
Rennet: Vegetable based
Certifications: Both Organic and Biodynamic

RAW MILK ALPINE PLAIN (approx. 10 lbs)

Raw Milk Aged Organic Cheddar Cheese.
Made by hand in our 300 gallon Swiss copper cheese vat with Winter milk, Hawthorne Valley Farm Raw Milk Cheddar is the only Hudson Valley Cheddar on the market. Medium sharpness and great texture. A must for localvores and Cheddar fans.

Wheel Size: Approx 10lbs
Rennet: Vegetable based
Certifications: Both Organic and Biodynamic


Nettle Meadow Farm, Warrensburg, New York


Is our triple cream wheel made from goat's milk and jersey cow cream. It has a white rind and a tangy buttery flavor. Delicious on its own or with fruit and crackers. A wonderful addition to any cheese plate.

Regular wheels approx. 12 oz each - packed 5 per case
Mini wheels “Buttons” approx. 7oz each - packed 6 per case


Is a square block of semi-aged chevre made with 100% goat's milk and covered with a white rind. From it's feta-like youth through it's "runny" mid-life and back to a firm and wonderfully pungent maturity, Crane Mountain is excellent at every stage up to six months from when it is initially cellared. Sizes

Crane Mountain square blocks approx. 11oz. ea (pack 6 per case)



Our fresh chevre and fromage blanc are made from unsalted goat’s milk and organic ingredients whenever possible. Available in five-ounce cups or one pound tubs, in the fowling flavors:

Fromage Blanc plain Chevre plain
Fromage Blanc rosemary Chevre mixed herb
Fromage Blanc honey/lavender Chevre tellicherry pepper & lemon verbena
Chevre herbs/black pepper & garlic
Chevre olive oil & garlic
Chevre maple walnut
Chevre with Horseradish

16oz(6units) containers
5oz(8units) containers

Old Chatham Sheepherding, Old Chatham, New York
Our FarmOur Sheep
BLUE: True Farmstead Artisanal American Blue Cheese
Made on our farm in the Roquefort style with 100% sheep’s milk. This luscious rindless wheel with abundant blue-gray veining in an off-white background is semi firm, moist, creamy and full of lasting flavors. Our Ewe’s Blue offers a combination of rich sheep’s milk, pleasant acidity and a sweet finish. Approximately four-pound wheel is named in honor of our female sheep. Shelf life: 6 month. Top finish, 2005 American Cheese Society Shaker Blue is our Raw Sheep’s Milk version of the Ewes Blue offering a deeper richness of the already amazing Ewes Blue.

EWES BLUE (approx. 3lb wheel)
SHAKER BLUE (approx. 3lb wheel)


Our award-winning championship recipe is used to create these soft ripened cheeses made by combining our own sheep’s milk with our neighbor’s cow’s milk from his BGH-free herd.

This lush, buttery cheese with its unusual square shape, along with its beautiful white surface mold, makes this a wonderful addition to any cheese plate.
Shelf life: 2-3 weeks
Best of Class, 2006 World Championship Cheese Contest

Each piece 4.5oz Packed 12 per case

Owner Nancy Clark’s version of our award-winning Camembert. A lush wheel, weighing approximately two pounds is decadent and velvety.
Shelf life: 4 weeks

1ST Place Winner, 2005 American Cheese Society Judging

Created from sheep and cow’s milk using an Old World recipe. Light and fresh with a sweet flavor. Versatile in any kitchen. Retail re-pack labels available upon request.
Shelf life: 30 days
3rd Place Winner, 2004 American Cheese Society Judging
2nd Place Winner, 2001 United States Championship Cheese Contest

Adirondack Black Waxed NY Cheddar, Barneveld, New York

Our award winning New York State Cheddar wheels are always a winner. Made with the milk from regional New York State family farms and aged more than 1-year, our waxed cheddar wheels are tangy and are wrapped in a flavor-sealing coat of old-fashioned black wax. Made with all natural ingredients, Adirondack NYS Cheddar Wheels provide the "Good Old-Fashioned" quality taste you would expect from a state known for great Cheddar.
Black Waxed Wheel 3lb

Harpersfield Cave aged cheese
Brovetto Dairy Farm, Harpersfield, New York

Harpersfield cheese is a creamy yellow color with a slightly sour flavor. The cheeses are aged in the farm’s cave, and washed and brushed regularly for two months to form a crusty rind. This protects the smooth interior, and preserves the buttery flavor of the cheese. The firm-textured cheese is fruity with a spicy tinge. Its firmness makes it well suited for slicing, and it’s an excellent complement to robust beer and wine. Shelf Life-8 months
Approximatily 6 lb Wheel

Brovetto Aged Cow Milk Tilset
The Brovetto’s make a number of flavored Tilsits in addition to a very popular aged Tilsit including:
Brovetto Aged Cow Milk Tilset w/Lavender
Brovetto Aged Cow Milk Tilset w/Basil & sundried tomato
Brovetto Aged Cow Milk Tilset w/Dill
Brovetto Aged Cow Milk Tilset w/Caraway
Brovetto Aged Cow Milk Tilset w/Hops
Brovetto Aged Cow Milk Tilset washed w/ Ommegang Ale

Berkshire Blue, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Berkshire Blue will be the featured cheese at the Culinary Insitute of America Master Chef Dinner 2009. Awarded The Bronze Medal at the 21st annual World Cheese Awards in Dublin, Ireland 2008. A Gold Medal at The Big "E" Cheese Competition, Springfield, Ma. 2008. A score of 91 in "Cheese: A Connoisseur's Guide to The World's Best" by Max McCalman & David Gibbons, 2005. Gold Medal at the 16th World Cheese Awards in London, U.K. 2003. Chef’s Choice Award at the Annual Spinazola Dinner, Boston 2004 and The James Beard Dinner New York City 2002 and 2003. First Place at The American Cheese Society competition, Washington, D.C. 2002. Berkshire Blue Cheese is an International Slow Food Invitee. "

Approximately 2.5lb Wheel

Fitting Creek Farm Honey, Ghent, New York

5lb jar of Clover Honey: These bees are probably gathering pollen in neighboring pastures underneath Hawthorne Valley Cows and Old Chatham Sheep. They work great side by side in the field and they work great side by side on the plate. Cheese and Honey are beautiful together, especially accompanied by a nice ale. This honey is for Restaurant customers only as supply is very limited.

Four Brothers Dairy Goat Farm, Millerton, New York

Farmstead Feta

Made from raw goats milk from our herd of over 500 goats. Owner Peter Stephanopoulus take great pride in bringing skills from his home country of Greece to the Hudson Valley to produce an incredibly rich flavored Feta cheese soaked in a brine of salt water and whey. Four brothers Goat Dairy utilizes old world methods to care for their herd of approximately 500 goats by working with the seasons to assure a healthy diet and enchanted life for their goat partners. In exchange for their great care, the goats pay in kinds with beautiful clean milk to be crafted into cheese.

Approximately 8lb to 9lb pails(20 labels attached to pails for repack)

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