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Monday, March 16, 2009

the Best Cookbook Store

This is a total plug for my favorite bookstore. This is the bookstore for chefs, and cooks of all levels. Sure you can buy books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble but why would you if you know about kitchen arts and letters. This is one of the best bookstores I know. Not only do they have all of the latest American releases but you can find up to the date foreign books. In fact they have books in Italian, French, German, Spanish and so on. So if you find yourself in Manhattan and you have a few hours to kill head over to 94th and Lexington. Matt, the manager, knows exactly what books I would like. Out of 12,000 book titles that's a personal touch that the big stores will never ever give you. Whenever I take friends there they end up buying a box of books. But don't worry they will UPS you the books so you don't have to carry them around in New York City.

Here is all of the information:

New Titles List

Fall 2008

Kitchen Arts & Letters is the country’s largest store devoted completely to books on food and wine. With more than 12,000 titles in English and other languages and access to thousands of out-of-print titles, we help food professionals, scholars, and the food publishing community, as well as the general public, discover books—older and recent—that represent serious contributions to the world of food and drink.

This is a highly selective list of new titles published during the fall of 2008, as well as some other recent arrivals. Most will be available when you receive this list; others are forthcoming and will become available later. All information for unpublished titles is tentative, including price.

HOW TO ORDER. We’d love you to come to the store, chat with us, and see our full selection, as well as (in many cases) publishers’ galley proofs and other material on upcoming books. If you must order by mail or fax, please let us know which titles you want. If the books are current and available, we’ll ship them right off. If they are not available, we’ll let you know when they arrive and notify you of the costs.

SHIPPING COSTS. We ship UPS and USPS, choosing the trackable method that is least expensive for you. Shipping is minimum $7.00 in the New York metro area, $8.00 east of the Mississippi, and $9.00 for southern Florida and the rest of the United States. For multibook orders, we will notify you of shipping costs. For overseas orders, we’ll calculate costs by country. The US Post Office has eliminated surface mail options, but air mail is often less expensive than in the past.

PAYMENT. Mail order payments by Visa, Mastercard, or now Discover. On telephone orders, we can also give you a total and you can send us a check. For foreign, we’ll take credit cards on all orders. For Canada, Visa, Master, and Discover are fine, but no Canadian checks, sorry. US$ money orders are accepted.

THE STORE is located at 1435 Lexington Avenue in New York City, between 93rd and 94th Streets. Our hours are Monday, 1-6; Tuesday to Friday, 10-6:30; Saturday, 11-6. During the summer months our hours are less regular and we are closed on Saturday. It is best to call in advance of a visit.





New Titles List

Fall 2008

Albert Adrià. NATURA.

At first glance it appears that the younger Adrià has produced a simple catalog of stunning desserts based on the theme of nature: a beet confit modelled in the shape of a rose, a delicate orchid formed from yogurt croquant, fruit sorbets frozen into astonishingly realistic versions of the fruits themselves, complete with elegantly decorated skins. But the accompanying CD which contains the recipes also sets forth a host of meticulously developed techniques, from the use of liquid nitrogen for intricate molding, to microwaving ethereally light sponge cakes, and modeling chocolate in ice water. A powerfully useful resource. In Spanish and English. color throughout. cl. $129.95

Ferran Adrià. A DAY AT EL BULLI.

This clockwork account of one of the world’s most famous restaurants offers readers a photographic immersion in nearly every aspect of the operation, from the chef’s creative brainstorming sessions, recipe testing, and menu creation, preparing and plating the food, to ordering stock, and welcoming the guests. The focus is not always on Adrià himself, but the more than 1,000 photos create a highly compelling narrative. 528 pages. color throughout. cl. $49.95

Kelly Alexander and Cynthia Harris. HOMETOWN APPETITES.

In the 1950s and 60s Clementine Paddleford was a household name in America, writing on food—particularly American regional food—for the New York Herald Tribune. Alexander, a former editor at Saveur, and Harris, an archivist who oversees Paddleford’s manuscripts, argue convincingly that this forgotten pioneer’s adventurous, engaging prose and life story deserve renewed recognition. Serious fun. b-&-w photos. cl. $27.50

Jason Atherton. MAZE.

From the award-winning London restaurant, this handsome and deceptively simple book showcases the work of a creative chef with a gift for ingenious flavor combinations. Steamed smoky sea bass with candied eggplant; curried monkfish with celeriac chips and lime wedges; coconut panna cotta with white chocolate granita and black olive caramel. color throughout. cl. $59.95

Grant Achatz. ALINEA.

Iconic, innovative, and beautifully produced, this debut cookbook from the Chicago chef and restaurant goes straight to the heart of Achatz’s ambitious, playful cooking. Outside of a restaurant kitchen, the book not in the least practical, but that’s hardly the point. In every circumstance it is “an adventure in ideas and in technique that is at times breathtaking, probably as exciting to read about as to cook,” as Nach told readers of a recent New York Times blog. color throughout. 400 pages. cl. $50.00

José Andres. MADE IN SPAIN.

This accomplished D.C. chef’s infectious enthusiasm for his native land unifies this culinary tour of the country’s regions and allows him to showcase traditional favorites as well as convey the dynamic ingenuity that reigns there. Whether he’s profiling the food of roadside bars or lofty palaces of experimentation, Andres is informed, passionate, and insightful. color throughout. cl. $35.00

Nate Appleman and Shelley Lindgren. A16.

Rustic southern Italian fare is the inspiration for the food at this San Francisco eatery, named for the autostrada that stretches from Naples east to Canosa in Puglia. This is serious, sexy stuff: octopus and chickpea soup with escarole, garlic, and chiles; roasted chicken with radishes and salsa verde; braised goat with tomatoes, rosemary, cinnamon, and white wine. color throughout. cl. $35.00


Two new volumes from an NYC photographer with several gifts: 1) he takes beautiful shots of plated food, and 2) he persuades the city’s leading chefs and restaurants to contribute to charitable fund-raisers. Check out offerings from Anita Lo, Laurent Tourondel, Karen DeMasco, Charlie Palmer, Joël Robuchon, Pichet Ong, Wylie Dufresne, James Distefano, Deborah Racicot, and many others. These are terrifically inspiring. color throughout. cl. $39.95 each


Beattie is the bar manager at Cyrus, a restaurant in Sonoma County, California. There he has built a reputation for dramatic reinventions of bar classics that manage to showcase the best of local ingredients. His Gin Kimchi is built around pickled ginger and pickled daikon, dried fruits appear in or on a number of his concoctions, and the man seems to be willing to go to almost any length for depth of flavor. color throughout. cl. $24.95

Mark Bittman. HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING, revised.

It has been ten years since Bittman produced a book that seems poised to become the Fannie Farmer Cookbook for a new generation. With hundreds of new recipes and greatly expanded reference information, this second edition makes the book even more useful as a core cookbook that tackles everything from hard-boiled eggs to Thanksgiving turkey. Quite an achievement. cl. $35.00


Big it is: 11¾ x 13¾ , and fivehundred thirtytwo pages of culinary adventure from the Michelin three-star restaurant in England. Dazzlingly designed and photographed, the book is generous almost to the point of garrulousness with Blumenthal offering his insights and philosophy. The recipe section doesn’t even begin until page 128, and even then Blumenthal discourses at length about a dish’s origins and development. He has an astonishingly nimble curiousity and a remarkable ability to articulate his ambitions. The man is brilliant. Just brilliant. color throughout. slipcased. cl. $250.00


People having been waiting years for a new book by one of America’s most beloved bakers. Inspired, common-sensible, and exact, Braker is a delightful guide to the wonders of the sweet kitchen, equally adept at spicy applesauce cake, pumpkin strudel, or popovers with bourbon-buttermilk sauce. color insert. cl. $35.00

Andrew Carmellini and Gwen Hyman. URBAN ITALIAN.

Confident, relaxed modern Italian fare from the former chef at Café Boulud and A Voce (his new restaurant opens soon here in NYC). Writing in an informal, confiding tone, Carmellini works to put his readers at ease with cooking and innovation: fettucine with summer corn, bacon, and shiitake mushrooms; risotto rosso with red wine, radicchio, and smoked mozzarella; cauliflower with pears, sage, and hazelnuts. color throughout. cl. $35.00

Judith Choate and James Canora. DINING AT DELMONICO’S.

Delmonico’s dates to 1837, and it long represented the best aspects of the connection between American and European cooking. Working with the NYC restaurant’s current chef, Choate, the award-winning author of more than 20 cookbooks, profiles Delmonico’s historic significance and offers recipes inspired by its past, as well as those reflecting 21st century tastes. Foie gras, oxtail, and chicken terrine; pork cutlets with apple fritters; grilled lobster with artichokes and haricots verts. color throughout. cl. $45.00

Shirley O. Corriher. BAKEWISE.

Few books this season have been as eagerly anticipated as Bakewise, a fascinating and highly practical guide to the hows and whys of baking from a respected authority on food science—whose previous book, Cookwise, earned a Beard award. Here, in hundreds of make-no-mistakes recipes, Corriher takes ample time to explain what will and what won’t result in an ideal custard, cake, or cookie. Novice and experienced bakers alike will find much to learn from these calculated updates of sweet and savory classics. color insert. cl. $40.00

Alain Ducasse and Sophie Dudemaine. DUCASSE MADE SIMPLE BY SOPHIE.

Dudemaine is a French phenomenon, a television star and cookbook author who here re-interprets an even greater French phenomenon for the home audience. Gorgeous photos make one feel that nothing has been dumbed-down. Cold red snapper Niçoise with tomato compote; roasted lamb shanks with citrus sauce; fricasee of green asparagus with mushroom ragout. color throughout. cl. $35.00

Betty Fussell. RAISING STEAKS.

Fussell’s cultural history of beef in America ranges across more than threehundred years and takes in everything from the evolution of ranching, feeding, slaughtering, and cooking to the traditions of various immigrant ethnic groups. Detailed and insightful, her fascinating account wisely acknowledges a complicated past and raises important questions about the future. cl. $26.00


This aptly titled, highly creative book showcases a new style of Latin food that is at ease with Old and New World ingredients and techniques. Garces, who has restaurants in Philadelphia (Amada, Tinto), Chicago (Mercat a la Planxa), and Mexico City (Distrito), draws on Basque and Catalonian fare, as well as that of Mexico and Ecuador. Octopus and calamari with saffron-shellfish sauce and squid ink reduction; truffled lamb meatballs with sherry-foie gras cream; arepas with oxtail ropa vieja and avocado espuma. color througout. cl. $38.00


A handsome tour of the vibrantly eclectic foods of Israel, with profiles of such aspects as open-air markets and street food, olive and orange groves, steakiyots and coffee shops. Gur, founding editor of a leading Israeli food and wine magazine, pays tribute to all the traditions that combine in this ancient land. color throughout. cl. $35.00

Marcella Hazan. AMARCORD.

Hazan is a legendary culinary instructor and author of five books on Italian cooking. Her charming memoir recounts a peripatetic life that has ranged from Alexandria, Egypt, to an Adriatic fishing village, Milan, Rome, New York, Venice, and now Florida. With the help of her husband, Victor, Hazan spins anecdotes featuring the likes of James Beard and Craig Claiborne, along with Burt Lancaster and Danny Kaye. Que bella figura! b-&-w photos. $27.95

Pierre Herme. MACARON.
Twenty plus-pages of technical instruction from the inimitable Herme open up this beguiling collection of more than fifty macaroon recipes. There are classics such as pistachio, coffee, and raspberry, but here they're in the company of imaginative combos such as caramel and salted butter, passionfruit and milk chocolate, chestnut and green tea, and even ossetra caviar. Irresistible. Superb color photography throughout. En français. cl. $64.95

Amanda Hesser, editor. EAT, MEMORY.

This collection of food-related essays from The New York Times Magazine does not recycle old standards. Instead, it features a wide range of contributors, from the expected (Dan Barber, R.W. Apple) to the surprising (Tucker Carlson, Pico Iyer). Among the others: Dorothy Allison, John Burnham Schwartz, Gabrielle Hamilton, Jon Robin Baitz. cl. $24.95


The U.S. edition of this little charmer offers 47 more essays-with-recipes from the gifted British chef and food writer whose Roast Chicken and Other Stories has been such a trans-Atlantic favorite. A delight for cooks both actual and armchair. cl. $24.95

Johnny Iuzzini and Roy Finamore. DESSERT FOURPLAY.

The daring, innovative badboy of the American dessert scene, Iuzzini is pastry chef at NYC’s Michelin three-starred Jean-Georges. His handsomely photographed collection will be published just as the year ends—we expect copies December 30. Iuzzini offers a series of mini-desserts in quartets of complementary flavors and textures: cool with hot, creamy with crispy, sweet with spicy. A jolt of creativity to ring in the New Year. color throughout. cl. $35.00


Several strong knife skills books have appeared recently, but this book, produced under the auspices of the good people at the Sur la Table stores, is the first to qualify as knife porn: beautifully photographed knives for all purposes and of all makes are featured througout the book. There are well-illustrated sections on fundamental technique, as well as some superflous recipes. color throughout. cl. $25.00

Thomas Keller. UNDER PRESSURE.

Keller’s guide to cooking sous vide is a tour-de-force example of a gifted chef’s grasp of sophisticated technique. Although the method is named for the practice of cooking in a vacuum-sealed pouch, Keller makes it clear that the salient issue is actually the application of just the right amount of heat. As Harold McGee writes in his introduction, “Keller and his chefs illustrate the powers of precision heating with dozens of dishes that wouldn’t be as fine, or even conceivable, without it.” In some cases, such as a revised version of his famous butter-poached lobster tail, he dispenses with the vacuum sealing altogether. Essential in the professional kitchen. color throughout. cl. $75.00

Tessa Kiros. VENEZIA.

Devotees of Kiros’s previous books (Apples for Jam, Falling Cloudberries) will luxuriate in her take on Venetian cuisine, replete with dreamlike city photography, gilt page edges and, yes, a velvet bookmark. But the real payoff of the design work is the way it lends the recipes—which hew close to the traditional—the excitement of the elegant and modern. Kiros makes small improvements where she finds room for them, but the lesson seems to be: leave good food alone, and eat it well. color throughout. cl. $57.50

Katrine Klinken. SMØRREBRØD.

Take the lid off that sandwich! A small book with big ambitions for the traditional open-faced tidbit, typically herring on rye. Beyond inspired revisions—vitello tonnato, chanterelles with shallots and thyme—the book includes seasonal guidelines and even smørrebrød menus. Inspiring color photos throughout. cl. $34.95


The wine program at Trotter’s Chicago restaurant is renowned for its smooth, intuitive service. Behind that, of course, lies a carefully structured philosophy that is laid out here, from hiring the right staff to designing a wine list that complements a restaurant’s cuisine. Pithy and practical. cl. $24.95

Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. BAKED.

In keeping with its location in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood, regarded as the current frontier of gentrification, Lewis and Poliafito’s bakery offers goodies that often push beyond the familiar. Root beer bundt cake; pumpkin whoopie pies; mocha fudgesicles. color throughout. cl. $29.95

Sheila Lukins. TEN.

Like burgers? Lobster? Asparagus? Here are ten ways, from classic to playful, to prepare each of these, along with 29 other types of food, all from one of America’s iconic home cooks, Sheila Lukins. Coauthor of The Silver Palate and author of three other books of her own, Lukins is a culinary virtuoso. So if you’re not in the mood for a tomato, basil, and mozzarella salad, perhaps the vanilla-stewed tomatoes two pages away will tempt you. color photos. cl. $32.95 p. $19.95

Nick Malgieri. THE MODERN BAKER.

Thousands of pastry professionals have been trained under the guidance of Malgieri, director of the baking program at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, and many more home cooks have profited from his earlier cookbooks on cookies, chocolate, pastry, and cakes. His shift to a new publisher has allowed him to produce a book with a greater-than-ever emphasis on technique for both sweet and savory goodies. Gorgeous photos. cl. $35.00

Jennifer McLagan. FAT.

Here is a seductively transgressive book, one that seems to tempt readers away from dietary orthodoxy. But in truth, McLagan’s argument is that since fat is a necessary part of the human diet, we ought to make the best possible use of it rather than consume it mindlessly in prepackaged baked goods or chemically laden salad dressings. Besides, it carries flavor like nothing else. With chapters on butter and poultry fat, as well as that of beef, pork, and lamb, McLagan makes the pleasures of well-used fat palpably clear, abetted by gorgeous photography. color throughout. cl. $32.50

Anne Mendelson. MILK.

This impressive and passionate history of the uses of milk is full of delightful surprises. Mendelson, a longtime food journalist who grew up in Pennsylvania dairying country, blends historical inquiry and recipes with an inspiring zeal for best-quality milk and all that it can become. We think of this as the equivalent of a River Cottage Milk Book. cl. $29.95

Francisco J. Migoya. FROZEN DESSERTS.

Migoya, former pastry chef at the French Laundry and now an instructor at the Culinary Institute of America, offers a technically astute and highly detailed approach to the creation of ice creams, sorbets, sherbets, granitas, and more, along with the sauces, crispies, and compotes with which they can be assembled into sophisticated plated desserts. Big book. Very sharp. color throughout. cl. $60.00

Alan Murchison. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

Murchison’s training includes a stint at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, and the fact that he calls his own restaurant l’Ortolan make it clear that he highly respects French cuisine. He’s already pulled down a Michelin star for his Reading, England, establishment, but it hasn’t been by turning out slavishly classic fare. Green and white asparagus charlotte with artichoke mousse, crispy risotto, and truffle and champagne dressing; bouillabaise terrine; grilled breast of wood pigeon with fresh herb macaroni, curly kale, celariac cream, and red wine sauce. color throughout. cl. $79.95

Steven A. Nash with Adam Gopnik. WAYNE THIEBAUD.

Food is a frequent, though not exclusive, subject matter in this collection of 120 paintings by the famed American artist. Thiebaud is known for his vibrantly colored still lifes, which are often characterized by bright, cool light and a lavish use of paint. color throughout. cl. $60.00

Jamie Oliver. JAMIE AT HOME.

A comfortable, personal collection of seasonal recipes, driven by Oliver’s own home garden, in which he plays around ever so slightly with old standards: broccoli and cauliflower canneloni, Welsh rarebit enlivened with a fresh pepper chutney, strawberries and vanilla ice cream with a few splashes of Pimm’s. A surpising amount of pleasant reading on mucking around in the soil. color throughout. cl. $37.50

Karen Page and Andrew Dornenberg. THE FLAVOR BIBLE.

Building on the success of their earlier Culinary Artistry, Page and Dornenberg, who have a remarkable instinct for knowing what it is that people want to know, offer an ambitious guide to flavor combinations organized by ingredient that suggest both classic and innovative pairings and are designed as spurs to a cook’s imagination. Chefs from Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony to Vikram Vij of Vancouver, BC, contribute their two cents, adding depth to the discussion. Highly useful. color throughout. cl. $35.00

Jean-Francois Piège with Patrick Mikanowsi. AT THE CRILLON AND AT HOME.

English-language edition of one of the most popular of our recent imports from France. Piège is the chef at the Michelin two-star restaurant Les Ambassadeurs, located in Paris’s Hotel Crillon. This collection of his recipes from both the restaurant and his home kitchen is a dazzler, full of stunning photography and showcasing great imagination. color throughout. cl. $65.00


Seasonal and local reaches impressive heights in rural northern Yorkshire, specifically at a former village pub called the Star, where Pern has pulled down a Michelin star. This very handsome, strapping volume demonstrates why. Butter-roasted asparagus with aged York ham shavings and mint hollandaise; pan-roasted squid and parsley salad with grilled black pudding and English mustard veloute; ginger parkin with rhubarb ripple ice cream and hot spiced treacle. color throughout. cl. $89.95

Fernand Point. MA GASTRONOMIE.

After some unhappy delays, this new edition of the classic work by the renowned mid-20th century French chef has arrived. (Point is revered as the mentor of such chefs as Alain Chapel, Paul Bocuse, and the Troisgros brothers.) Happily, production values and the book design are good, making this an attractive addition to a serious library. color and b-&-w photos throughout. cl. $40.00

Eric Ripert and Christine Muhlke. ON THE LINE.

Go behind the scenes at one of America’s great restaurants in this hybrid cookbook-guidebook to Le Bernardin, New York’s celebrated seat of French-styled seafood. The first part of the book offers a sprawling tour of the premises, staff, and operations of the restaurant; the second, a generous selection of recipes—every bit as serious as the business end—the likes of which have made it famous. color throughout. cl. $35.00


Cambodian cookbooks in English are few and far between, and this bright, fresh introduction to the cuisine suggests that we’re all missing out. Tart shrimp salad with cilantro and peanuts; tamarind, ham, and vegetable soup; grilled eggplant with minced pork. color throughout. cl. $19.95


This collection of more than 800 recipes from previously published books by the French master chef—holder of more Michelin stars than any living soul—gathers many that have never been published in English. Robuchon’s genius lies in his ability to delight through simplicity rather than startle through flashy innovation, making the food accessible to serious home cooks even as it attracts attention from professionals. Monkfish with garlic and fennel cream; pan-fried lamb chops with tomatoes and zucchini; mirabelle plum souffle. cl. $35.00

Olivier Roellinger and Christian Lejale. TROIS ÉTOILES DE MER.

The famed Breton chef has long made his passion for seafood clear, and here he salutes maritime fare from around the world, with stops for inspiration in India, Brazil, Vietnam, China, Japan, Madagascar, and elsewhere. Stimulating ideas, seductively beautiful presentation. En francais. color throughout. cl. $120.00

Marisa Sánchez and Francis Paniego. ECHAURREN.

The only Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain’s Rioja region, Echaurren boasts two chefs, mother Marisa (a traditionalist) and son Francis (an innovator), who specialize in seasonal fare that relies on local ingredients. This is a big, showy, wonderful example of the connections between the cooking of Spain’s past and future. En Español. color throughout. cl. $175.00

Joan Santanach, editor; Robin Vogelzang, translator. THE BOOK OF SENT SOVÍ.

The first English rendition of an important, anonymous culinary text from 14th-century Catalona. This is a glimpse at Spanish court food before the arrival of New World ingredients such as tomatoes, potatoes or peppers. The original Catalan text is included, rendered in contemporary spellings. p. $34.95


At last we have an English translation of Scappi, the 16th-century Italian chef to popes and cardinals. His encyclopedic treatise on the art of cooking, containing over 1000 recipes, is an important bridge between medieval and modern Italian culinary traditions. Veteran translator and scholar Terence Scully’s insightful commentary illuminates many subtleties. With 29 of the text’s original b-&-w engravings. cl. $95.00

Amy Scherber and Toy Kim Dupree. THE SWEETER SIDE OF AMY’S BREAD.

Amy’s Bread is an NYC institution, supplying many restaurants and running three cafes. Their bread is, of course, famous, but their goodies run a close second in popularity. Many of their standards are here: butterscotch cashew bars, rhubarb quickbread with crumb topping, cinnamon challah knots, and about 70 others. color throughout. cl. $34.95

StarChefs.com. CHEFS TO KNOW.

With professional profiles and contact information for more than 600 chefs, sommeliers, and mixologists (primarily but not solely in North America), this is a handy, impressively thorough go-to guide for job-seekers, journalists, and anyone else with a serious curiosity about who is who in the restaurant world. color throughout. p. $24.95


Stitt is best known for his Highlands Bar & Grill in Birmingham, Alabama, but another of his restaurants is Bottega, where he blends Italian cuisine with the foods of the American south. He writes, “There’s no pompano in Venice, but ours, fresh from Apalachicola, fits into Cartoccio (Italian fish stew) perfectly... our wild Gulf shrimp, oysters, crab, and fish are an easy match for their Mediterranean equivalents.” color throughout. cl. $40.00


This seasonally organized menu cookbook has been warmly received by serious home cooks who have been intrigued by Tanis’s slightly off-beat opinions and inspired by his devotion to great ingredients, simply prepared. The author is chef at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse for half the year (and, poor soul, spends the other half in Paris). A sample winter meal: watercress, beet, and egg salad; braised beef with celery root and mashed potatoes; roasted apples. color throughout. cl. $35.00

Pierre Thiam. YOLELE!

English-language publishing on the food of West Africa has been awfully rare, but this delightful book on Senegalese cooking makes it abundantly clear that some seriously good food is being overlooked. To local traditions are added the colonial influences of France and Portugal, as well as the cuisines of immigrant communities from Morocco and Vietnam. The mix is exciting and fresh. Thiam, who was born and raised in Senegal, now presides over Le Grand-Dakar in Brooklyn. color throughout. cl. $21.95

Hervé This and Pierre Gagnaire. COOKING: THE QUINTESSENTIAL ART.

Two titans of the contemporary French food scene explore the nature of culinary artistry, beginning with the fundamental question, “How can we reasonably judge a meal?” While This (pronounced “teace”), the gastro-scientist, engages in playful speculation, Gagnaire, the three-star chef, offers concrete examples in the form of informal recipes that illustrate the issues under discussion. cl. $27.50


The paperback edition of the latest collection of Thorne’s thoughtful ruminations on cooking, ranging from marmalade and anchovies to improvised breakfasts. p. $15.00

Rick Tramonto. OSTERIA.

Stylish modern Italian fare—breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner—from the well-regarded chef at Chicago’s Tru and Osteria di Tramonto. Pork shank hash with fingerling potatoes and fried egg. Genoa ham and green olive tapenade sandwich. Roasted zucchini and mint salad. Good stuff. color throughout. cl. $35.00


Vetri’s eponymous Philadelphia restaurant is a small place (nine tables) with a big profile, acclaimed as one of the finest Italian restaurants in the US. This good-looking, thoughtfully presented book reveals Vetri’s sophisticated presentation of dishes with rustic roots: sweet onion crepe with white truffle fondue; semolina gnocchi with taleggio and pancetta; homemade cotechino stuffed with pickled vegetables. color throughout. cl. $40.00


Japanese-born but fascinated by the food of China, Wakiya made a name for himself in Tokyo by serving Chinese cuisine in a near-kaiseki style. Now ensconced at an eponymous restaurant in New York, he continues to serve up breathtakingly beautiful dishes. Crab meat and crab roe dumplings; sugar-glazed duck liver; vinegar-fried black rice. color throughout. cl. $42.00

David Waltuck and Andrew Friedman. CHANTERELLE.

This beautifully produced showcase for the esteemed downtown NYC restaurant demonstrates why Chanterelle has spent nearly 30 years as one of the city’s favorite spots. Pan-seared arctic char with grapefruit butter and savoy cabbage; curried crab cannoli with coriander and cucumbers; pork chops with ginger, sauternes, and coarse mustard. cl. $50.00
Sylvia Weinstock. SENSATIONAL CAKES.

New York’s grande dame of cake design struts her stuff in this lavishly photographed collection of one classic dazzler after another. Ten-foot high towers of sugar roses; faux-porcelain teacup cakes for a birthday luncheon; Faberge eggs in buttercream and gold leaf. Showstoppers. color throughout. cl. $45.00

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