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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Earth Day, Ellenville NY

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An Earth Day Menu to Make a Difference

Ellenville, NY ⎯ Can you enjoy a delicious gourmet meal, and reduce your carbon footprint,
all at once?

At Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville, New York, Chef Marcus Guiliano proves that it’s entirely possible.

On Earth Day 2009 ⎯ Wednesday, April 22nd ⎯ Chef Guiliano presents a five-course raw food menu requiring no cooking whatsoever, thus minimizing energy usage. Local valley cheese will also be featured. And we will be serving great wines and beers from the local Hudson Valley area, dramatically reducing energy used in transportation.

To help dinner guests grasp the significance of their extraordinary meal, they will be treated to presentations on the benefits of drinking local beverages, including spring water, and selecting regional foods, both farmed and wild. Guest speakers that night will feature a local farmer, wine maker, forager and brewer.

Aroma Thyme, the only “Green Certified” restaurant in the Hudson Valley, will demonstrate how cutting down as much as possible on energy used for both cooking and transportation can be achieved without giving up the high culinary standard for which Aroma Thyme has become famous.

Among the planned menu offerings will be Celery Root, Apple and Truffle Soup, and a delicious and surprising Romaine Tacos, with a filling created from sunflower seeds, walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes.

The prix fixe dinner is priced at $50, plus tax and gratuity. Reservations are suggested.

Chef Guiliano’s popular vegan dishes have already shown that healthy food can also be gourmet food. Now, he takes his philosophy of cooking a step further, introducing raw foods as the newest gastronomic choices.

“For health, weight loss, fitness and energy savings, there is nothing like raw food,” says Guiliano. “Why shouldn’t the best-tasting foods also be the healthiest?”

At Aroma Thyme Bistro, vegan and raw foods will always be just one part of the regular extensive menu. Fish and seafood, meat and poultry, all stemming from sustainable and organic sources, are treated with equal care and ingenuity.

For Earth Day, the restaurant once again leads the way in the Hudson Valley to new, exciting, healthy and fun food experiences. The Bistro is committed to not only the best in food, but also quality wine and beer. The wine list offers 250 selections, while the rich diversity of beers has made this a destination for devotees.

There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day this year than with an energy conscious, gourmet meal, says Chef Guiliano. “Don’t think of raw food as uncooked vegetables,” he says. “Those days are behind us. Today’s raw food is a modern and magnificent culinary experience.”

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