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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eating Avocado Pits, They are Good for you

I have been doing some research on consuming avocado pit/seeds. I saw on the BlindGuru.com website that they are great for you. They explain how they provide awesome fiber and tons of anti-cancer properties. So I decided to do more research on this. It was hard to find other web posts with people consuming these pits. I also posted the question on FaceBook to my raw friends. I got nowhere with that. I even called so pH experts and was told by their office staff not to eat these. While this was happening my friend Eric had started blending them in his smoothies. He was still living after a week. In fact he sent an e-mail to Robert Youngs office and got back a thumbs up for consuming them. So this news excited me.

And then I saw a great post on the Vita-Mix website encouraging them to be blended in smoothies. So I started adding them to my blended food.

If any out there is wondering as I was take a look blindguru.com and vitamix.com for some assurance about consuming them.

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