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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Take your own water to Toronto

If you are traveling to Toronto, then I suggest that you take your own high quality water with you. You have to read this article that I found on Natural News website.

Toronto Bans Bottled Water Sales, but Junk Sodas Remain Legal

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by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, December 3, 2008
Key concepts: Toronto, Bottled water and Plastic

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, they say. And to prove it, the city of Toronto has decided to outlaw the sale of bottled water in all municipal buildings, including local arenas.

But rather than being an example of smart, progressive action to protect the environment, this decision is actually just a timely example of the tyranny of good intentions. Here's why:

For starters, the decision was made by city leaders who say their TAP WATER is what people should be drinking, not bottled water. Oh really? Did these people bother to educate themselves about chlorine or fluoride chemicals? Without question, the tap water in Toronto has far greater toxicity than bottled water, even considering the Bisphenol-A effect.

But that's a debatable issue. Here's something that's not debatable: While banning bottled water, the city of Toronto did NOT ban diet soda and soft drink beverages.

Huh? So now selling water is illegal, but selling carbonated SUGAR water is perfectly legal?

Gee, the soda companies must be laughing their heads off on this one. They were trying to muscle out bottled water for years (before they came up with their own water brands), and now it turns out the goofs at City Hall are doing it for them!

Whatever happened to the idea of giving citizens healthy choices in beverages? Toronto, in all its short-sighted wisdom, has now granted the soda companies a virtual monopoly on beverages sold at the local arenas. With no bottled water available, what do they think people are going to drink instead? Soda, of course. Loaded with phosphoric acid (causes osteoporosis), high-fructose corn syrup (diabetes) and maybe even aspartame (neurological disorders).

Welcome to the Toronto municipal arena. Please enjoy the show if you haven't yet gone blind from drinking diet soda.

I know I'm going to get hate mail for this, but it deserves to be said: Some of the people serving on city councils are the dumbest human beings walking this earth. I know this because I've argued with these people over issues like fluoridation, and I can tell you that, at least in my experience, the kind of people who end up on many city council boards are so intellectually challenged that I've often wondered if they all take the short bus to the meetings. (No insult meant to those taking the short bus. It's less bumpy, anyway.) My apologies to the smart minority who reside on these boards, but you'll no doubt agree with me that the people sitting next to you need a little intellectual remediation, right?

I haven't met the Toronto council members, so I can't say if they're thoughtful but short-sighted, or just plain stupid. But I suspect a majority are just plain stupid, and they managed to overrule the thoughtful ones who were asking things like, "Well, gee, why are we denying people the ability to buy water at public events?"

If the BOTTLE is the problem, then they should have banned ALL bottles, not the water inside the bottles!

Water = Illegal; Sugar Water = Legal

Okay, okay, okay... so let me get this straight:

If I sell a bottle with water in it, I'm a criminal.

But if I add 16 teaspoons of sugar in the water, suddenly that's legal!

And if I add dangerous chemical sweeteners, phosphoric acid that rots away kids' teeth, and any number of chemical additives, then that's all perfectly fine with the Toronto city council!

Ok, so now I get it.

Water = bad

Sugar water = good

Thanks, Toronto, for clarifying that.

Maybe instead of banning plastic bottles, Toronto should ban stupidity from the city council!

Ban the soda cans, too, while you're at it, and save the world from excessive aluminum trash. I agree that throwaway beverage containers are a huge problem, and Toronto is usually an intelligent city that thinks ahead, but in this case they've demonstrated why liberal tyranny can be just as threatening to your freedoms as conservative tyranny.

Yes, my own government in America may be tapping my phone lines, reading my email and X-raying my UPS packages, but at least I can still buy a bottle of water here! Sure, it's probably contaminated with Bisphenol-A and made from nothing but filtered tap water, but at least it's filtered! Toronto citizens now have to drink from the tap, like house pets.

So the citizens of Toronto are now being offered the same quality of water that their dogs get when drinking from the toilet bowl.

How wonderful. Can I have a lemon with that, please?

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