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Monday, June 16, 2008

Non-Alcoholic Wine, Twelve at Hudson Valley Restaurant

At Aroma Thyme Bistro our best selling non-alcoholic beverage is Twelve. Twelve is a sparkling blend of fruit juices, green & white teas, herbs and citrus essence. At Aroma Thyme Bistro we can pair this balanced beverage like wine with food. It drinks like a dry Riesling which lends it self to many wine drinkers and food. Try Twelve with curries, Indian food, sushi, salmon, chicken, salads, dessert, brunch or on its own.

Twelve is made locally in Rhinebeck NY

We serve Twelve in Riedel Champagne flutes to give the full dining experience. Twelve is a great way to add sophistication to a non-alcoholic beverage.

Don’t be afraid to make mixed drinks with Twelve as well. Everything from Vodka to Tequila and other juices will mix well. We please both crowds with this one.

Marcus Guiliano

From the Twelve website:

Twelve is a sophisticated, culinary inspired,
non-alcoholic beverage for fine dining and

Created in a base of organic white, green, and
black teas with a select mix of herbs, spices,
and citrus essence. Twelve complements food
and is equally enjoyable on its own.

"Twelve is the perfect product that fills that
'white' space when customers want something
more than water and are not drinking wine with
their meal; it is far more complex and flavorful
than iced tea. Twelve pairs well with food and
affords us a 'hand sell' at lunch we never had
before - simply because it's free of alcohol, yet
very polished in flavor and finish."

-Chef David Burke

Twelve also works very well at the bar - mixing
nicely with tequilas, gins, and vodkas. By the
glass, sales are significant for the pre-cocktail
hour because it affords patrons a non-alcoholic
option that subtly imparts qualities traditionaly
only found in spirits.

Twelve only measures 50 calories per 8 oz.

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