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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Asian menu offerings still growing

Just in from my favorite restaurant magazine:

Feb. 11, 2008) Asian-inspired chains are tapping appetites that have propelled that continent’s cuisines into the American consumer mainstream, though some prominent brands have shrunk in size recently or curtailed growth plans.

Nonetheless, Asian menu offerings grew at a 17-percent clip industrywide from January 2006 to October 2007, according to research by Mintel Menu Insights of Chicago. Among fast-casual restaurants alone, Asian offerings increased 6 percent for that period, Mintel director Maria Caranfa said.

Reasons for that increase, Caranfa said, include public perceptions that Asian foods are healthy, fresh and a good value with large portions. She added that most of the flavors are familiar, and young adults see Asian food as trendy.

Marcus Guiliano's comments:

We are seeing the same trend or growth. We see it in all Asian food such as Thai, Japanese including Sashimi and over to Indian Cuisine. No longer is Asian food just bad Chinese food.

Asian food tends to be a bit healthier if it is fresh and not fried. Frying any food will totally destroy its health benefits. In fact frying will turn your food rancid, which is bad for your health. So it is impossible to have healthy fried food.

Health is found in fresh vegetables, fresh fish and wonderful fruits. Of course we want to eat raw fruits and veggies. You can really experiment when it comes to Asian fruits. Try some Durian fruit or Goji Berries. Now here is were the health is found.

Aroma Thyme will still look for new Asian influences on the menu.

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