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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where Did All the Crab Go in My Sushi?

WE love sushi at Aroma Thyme Bistro. It sems to be a great bet in most cities when traveling. The sushi restaurants usually have special vendors that only carry sushi quality fish.
BUT why do most sushi restaurants use surimi (fake crab) for the famed California Roll? It seems to be the most popular roll. A new sushi eater will always start with this roll. Maybe because it seems to be safe, it has cooked crab, avocado & cucumber.
BUT most sushi restaurants use fake crab in this roll. The list of ingredients in this so called crab stick goes on and on! All sorts of chemicals and stabilizers. Corn syrup always seems to be in the mix as well.
So where is the REAL CRAB?
We are not sure. But we use real crab in our sushi every Thursday.

If any one knows other sushi restaurant that use real crab, please let us know. We like to go out and eat just as you do. But we avoid fake food and ask lots of questions. After all for the price we all pay in any restaurant, we deserve real food.

So simply ask "where's REAL crab" next time you order sushi. Let the restaurant know that we all deserve the real stuff!

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